About Us

OPEN to new possibilities in your life and your relationships.

LEARN to use hypnosis, guided imagery, meditation, relaxation and expressive arts to see yourself and your life in new and different ways.

GROW in new directions, expand your connection to your body, mind, and spirit.

CHANGE habits, attitudes and behaviors to reflect your true self and nourish your spirit.

HEAL physical and emotional pain, restore inner freedom and balance, and bring more love and compassion to self and others.

WELCOME to our website. We are experienced psychotherapists who have created a unique approach to helping people change. We use psychodynamic, cognitive, and behavioral approaches, as well as guided imagery, sensory focus, and meditative techniques to guide you to your own inner healing systems. Our goal is to honor and respect the uniqueness of each individual, and to empower you to access your internal resources and infinite potential for growth and healing.

On the SERVICES page you will see how we use PSYCHOTHERAPY to work with anxiety, depression, and relationships. You will learn how HYPNOSIS can help you overcome chronic pain and stress-related illness, panic attacks and phobias, addictions like smoking and over-eating, and obsessive habits as well as for improving test-taking, performance, self-esteem and spirituality. The RESOURCES page offers suggestions for reading and links to helpful health related websites and other professionals in community.

We invite you to open these pages, and begin to learn, grow, change and heal!

Gail Tennant
Leigh Lightfoot

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